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Don’t face your relocation on your own. Whether you are going around the block or across the state, the team at Marshall Movers and Transport is here to help you throughout the process. At our family-owned moving and storage company in Houston, Texas, we feature a full line of commercial and residential moving services for clients in the area. Since 1981, clients throughout the region have trusted us with their valuables. No matter how many items you have to transport, our professionals ensure they arrive to your final destination in one piece.


Packing up your home and relocating your family can be stressful without help. No matter what the reason for your move is, we are available to take care of your job to the highest standard. Our trained staff of drivers takes the time you need to safely transport your belongings to any location. We take great care of each of your items, whether it is a piano or a coffee cup.


Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. At our company, we are happy to help take some of the load off you. Our team offers a full packing service with each move. You are also welcome to pack for yourself with our free moving boxes. Call for details.


There are a plethora of reasons you may be looking into hiring movers. Maybe you are planning a move to attend college at one of the state’s major universities like the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, or Rice University. You might be moving in order to downsize your current home, moving after retirement, or simply because you are seeking a better climate. Regardless of why you are relocating, our trusted movers in Cypress will ensure a safe, efficient, and easy moving process for you and your family. Make your best move and experience our excellent Cypress moving company.


If you are thinking about handling your local move within Cypress, TX on your own, we urge you to reconsider. There are reasons we see memes on social media coaxing us to use moving companies Cypress if we are in our thirties or older instead of attempting to do it ourselves. Moving heavy furniture without the proper equipment and know-how can leave you with broken furniture pieces, or worse yet, chronic back pain or severe injuries. Whether you are moving locally or cross-state, there are plenty of major reasons to utilize a top-rated moving company to assist you with your move. Relocating to a new home and community is one of the biggest stressors in life, and for many, ranks right up there with divorce and a death in the family. Moving is laborious and time-consuming as well. Don’t underestimate how much effort, time and physical and mental stress is required for packing up your entire lifetime’s worth of belongings. In addition, time will be spent loading and unloading everything which takes about a day or two itself.

Our knowledgeable team will handle all aspects of your relocation for an efficient and worry-free move. We have the equipment and experience needed to conquer obstacles like heavy and oversized furniture or items that do not fit through doorways easily. We also have equipment gentle enough to safely transport fragile heirlooms and delicate antiques. Rest assured, your personal belongings are in good hands, plus you won’t run the risk of injury to yourself or any damages to your home or items.

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Marshall Movers and Transport offers free boxes with every move! Call for details. No more trying to find used boxes from a friend or buying boxes just to move one time. Your move will be stress free.


We know how important a piano move is. Your prized instrument is likely of sentimental value and monetary value. It takes a specialty mover like Marshall Movers and Transport to do this right.


Sometimes, you just have too many items and not enough space. If you need help downsizing your goods, we are happy to offer our convenient storage services. Just let us know and we’ll set it up for you.


At our family-owned moving and storage company in Houston, Texas, we feature a full line of long distance moving services. Since 1981, clients throughout the region have trusted us with their valuables. 


For your convenience, we proudly offer maid service in homes and businesses throughout the area. Our experienced team works in spaces of any size to ensure a spotless and flawless result. We focus on taking the stress out of relocating.


Is your company relocating? From desks to files, we transport every part of your company. Our professionals have the experience and resources to ensure that your files will be kept secure throughout every phase of your job.


Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. At our company, we are happy to help take some of the load off you. Our team offers a full packing service with each move. You are also welcome to pack for yourself with our free moving boxes. Call for details.


Relocating your family can be stressful without help. We are available to take care of your move to the highest standard. Our trained staff takes the time to safely transport your belongings to any location. We take great care of each of your items.

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Hourly and flat rates and NO surprise charges; we always let our clients know cost up front.

All loading and unloading is done with precision and skill. Your belongings will be well taken care of.

Highly professional services with an insured company who has over 30 years experience.


Whether it’s your first time utilizing a professional moving company Cypress or if you have used movers before, you might be wondering about the different services we have to offer. When moving day rolls around, your assigned expert team will arrive at your home on time and deliver the custom services needed to ensure your relocation is easy breezy and stress-free. Whether you want labor-only services or a full service move in cypress tx, we offer as much or as little assistance as you require.

Same Day Service

Moving within the Houston TX metro area including Cypress, TX? Our cost-friendly team can pack up your belongings and have you settled into your new home on the same day!

Commercial Movers Available to Relocate Your Office

Rely on Marshall Movers and Transport to ease the stress of your upcoming office or warehouse move. We are among the top-rated commercial moving companies in Cypress TX. We tailor our services to fit your industry needs and minimize downtime to ensure your company is settled into its new headquarters quickly.

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need long distance moving companies cypress tx?

Moving around the great state of Texas, maybe from Humble to Amarillo? Our team is pleased to offer certified movers and affordable transport and labor rates with one of the best long-distance moving companies in Cypress TX.

Great Team, Great Moves

Piano Transport Services

Piano Movers are experienced in transporting timely and fragile pianos. Don’t trust unprofessional, part-time movers that you found on an app with such a delicate job. Our trained piano and instrument movers make sure your musical instruments and equipment are transported without harm. We are also skilled in moving other specialty items like antiques, farm equipment and gun safes.

Packing Services

Our trained movers will pack the contents of your home, office, or warehouse using the correct supplies and tested techniques to pack your belongings efficiently, using the least amount of packing materials needed, and cozily to guarantee that everything makes it to your new space intact. No need for you to spend countless hours carefully packing your entire home or business, then rearranging boxes only to cross your fingers that you did a good enough job.

We Offer Storage Options

Marshall Movers and Transport is a full service moving and storage company providing secure, climate-controlled storage options for your long-term and short-term storage needs. We are here to help with temporary storage before, during, and after your move.

how to choose the best cypress movers

At Marshall Movers & Transport, we strive to deliver a combination of tailored services, professionalism, value, and a great moving experience. Not all moving companies in Cypress can say that. Cost shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a moving company you can trust with your personal and professional items. Compare Cypress Tx movers on Google, Yelp and other review sites to get a first hand description of services from former and current clients of the moving companies in Cypress TX. Pay close attention to see if the reviews have a positive aspect or if you notice a negative trend.

After you have narrowed down your top choices for cypress tx moving companies based on reviews, then, confirm the credentials of each company to verify that their services are licensed and insured. You may also want to check that they have performed background checks on their moving and transport teams. Our movers are background checked to guarantee the safety and transport of your inventoried items. Check how long the company has been in business and the amount of moves they have successfully performed per year. It might also be wise to look up their claims rates on broken or missing items, as well as which program is used to train their movers and drivers.

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Experienced Service and Trained Professionals

Marshall Movers and Transport is one of the cities’ best transport companies with a low claims rate and a significant referral rate. Most of our business is gained through word of mouth between neighbors and communities like yours. Our crews are not temporary day-laborers, but rather a team of professionals who have been background checked and trained in the art of logistical moving and transport. We are an insured and bonded moving and transport company registered and licensed in the state of Texas to give you comfort in knowing your personal and precious items are safe in our hands.

Great Team, Great Moves

Home & Apartment Relocating Cost

There are multiple factors to take into account when estimating the cost of your move and transport. Price structure will vary depending on location and size of crew needed. This will be dependent upon which services you are seeking, including packing labor, packing supplies, maid services, loading and unloading labor, transport, and storage options. Whether you are looking for a full-service move or some additional labor or transport help, our customer service specialists will be able to assist you in choosing which options best suit your needs and offer you a quote for the selected services. To better understand what may influence moving rates in Cypress TX, you will want to take into account the number of movers needed for your residential or commercial move. The distance your goods will be transported and the level of service chosen will be the main factors in determining the costs needed to hire a professional moving company in Cypress TX.

Other aspects that may affect the cost are accessibility of your home, specialty moving services, and how much of your home is packed and prepared when our movers arrive. Typically, you will find that local movers in Cypress TX have hourly rates plus the cost of materials, whereas long-distance movers offer flat-rate services and fees. Our relocation specialists will customize your services rendered, and make adjustments to suit your budgeted move. For more information about individualized costs, call our highly rated Cypress TX moving company for your free estimate.

Get Your Questions Answered for Cypress moving companies

It is fairly common for Cypress TX moving companies to require a nominal deposit in order to secure your moving team for your desired move date, however, you should not have to pay a large upfront total cost.

We recommend contacting a moving company at least four to six weeks before your desired moving day if at all possible. This will allow ample time to determine which services you will need, and secure a moving team for your specific moving date and time. Keep in mind, our industry’s busy season is summertime. If you are planning on moving between May and September, you might want to call sooner than six weeks ahead of time.

Typically, local movers will require a two to three hour time block scheduled for their moving and transport team. This is to ensure that the movers have enough time to complete their job efficiently and safely. When you book local Cypress TX movers, you will usually need to pay for at least a two to three hour time block.

Services offered at moving and transport companies in Cypress TX range from full-service to individual, customized assistance. This can include storage, maid services, loading/unloading items, packing, and specialty moving for items like pianos, gun safes, and more. A full-service move does not require any packing or heavy lifting from you!

Movers in Katy


We provide local moving services for apartment buildings. We have no problem moving your piano or other specialty items up or down the winding stairwells in apartment buildings. Our teams are strong, experienced, and possess the necessary skills and tools for maneuvering pianos, gun safes, or gym equipment carefully through apartment complexes. We can safely move senior citizens to or from elderly care apartment facilities. Our family operated local moving company is experienced in installing commercial machines and equipment into new buildings or complexes. Receive a free quote, no reservation needed. Contact us today to chat with our live customer service specialists. We also offer cleaning services for your apartment or office move.

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