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Don’t face your relocation on your own. Whether you are going around the block or across the state, the team at Marshall Movers and Transport is here to help you throughout the process. At our family-owned moving and storage company in Houston, Texas, we feature a full line of commercial and residential moving services for clients in the area. Since 1981, clients throughout the region have trusted us with their valuables. No matter how many items you have to transport, our professionals ensure they arrive to your final destination in one piece.


Packing up your home and relocating your family can be stressful without help. No matter what the reason for your move is, we are available to take care of your job to the highest standard. Our trained staff of drivers takes the time you need to safely transport your belongings to any location. We take great care of each of your items, whether it is a piano or a coffee cup.


Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. At our company, we are happy to help take some of the load off you. Our team offers a full packing service with each move. You are also welcome to pack for yourself with our free moving boxes. Call for details.


We typically handle most major aspects when moving day rolls around, however, there are a few things you will need to handle on your own before and possibly during your move. Though this may be disappointing news, it is best that you are well aware ahead of time so that you do not have any surprises come your way on moving day. Below are some handy moving tips and necessary steps you can take today that are recommended to prepare for your move before our professional movers Katy arrive on moving day.

  • Locate schools, gyms, parks, grocery stores and master-developed neighborhoods in your area of town to find the right community for you and your family.
  • Change your address for free online via the postal service.
  • Have your utilities like electricity, waste, and water transferred and turned on in your name at your new home the day before you move in.
  • To lessen moving costs and bulk, donate items you no longer need or want. Large items are usually able to be picked up by local charity organizations, but you may need to call ahead and schedule a pick-up.
  • Register your children at their new school district before moving. This will be the last thing you want to end up doing right before a move. Your children will thank you.
  • If you are a renter, it may be a good idea to have your home professionally cleaned to secure a refund on your initial deposit. Our company offers maid services to get your rental in tip-top shape before turning in your renter’s keys.
  • These are just a few thoughtful to-do list items before a big move. We hope we have helped organize and plan the major must-do items for your relocation.


Our full service moving solution integrates experienced packing and moving teams with professional, background checked drivers who use assigned, dedicated moving trucks. This sets your moving day up for success by allowing a specific date and time for the pickup and delivery of your items. Our delivery times are fast. We eliminate the use of a shuttle vehicle that are typically used for low-accessibility locations. This saves not only time, but money too. Generally, movers in Katy provide a more cost-friendly outcome resulting in a superior moving experience.

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Marshall Movers and Transport offers free boxes with every move! Call for details. No more trying to find used boxes from a friend or buying boxes just to move one time. Your move will be stress free.


We know how important a piano move is. Your prized instrument is likely of sentimental value and monetary value. It takes a specialty mover like Marshall Movers and Transport to do this right.


Sometimes, you just have too many items and not enough space. If you need help downsizing your goods, we are happy to offer our convenient storage services. Just let us know and we’ll set it up for you.


At our family-owned moving and storage company in Houston, Texas, we feature a full line of long distance moving services. Since 1981, clients throughout the region have trusted us with their valuables. 


For your convenience, we proudly offer maid service in homes and businesses throughout the area. Our experienced team works in spaces of any size to ensure a spotless and flawless result. We focus on taking the stress out of relocating.


Is your company relocating? From desks to files, we transport every part of your company. Our professionals have the experience and resources to ensure that your files will be kept secure throughout every phase of your job.


Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. At our company, we are happy to help take some of the load off you. Our team offers a full packing service with each move. You are also welcome to pack for yourself with our free moving boxes. Call for details.


Relocating your family can be stressful without help. We are available to take care of your move to the highest standard. Our trained staff takes the time to safely transport your belongings to any location. We take great care of each of your items.

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Hourly and flat rates and NO surprise charges; we always let our clients know cost up front.

All loading and unloading is done with precision and skill. Your belongings will be well taken care of.

Highly professional services with an insured company who has over 30 years experience.


We can service any location within the continental United States with our ideally sized trucks suitable for moving homes from the size of studio apartments to two-thousand square feet homes. Larger moves are no problem either. We can pack and move warehouses, office or retail space.

We do not spread out deliveries, so you will not be surprised with shuttle truck fees or longer transport times. We offer guaranteed pick-up times and delivery dates. We will transport your items directly from its origin to your desired destination on the shortest, safest route possible. We pride ourselves on arriving at your scheduled time for loading and unloading because we understand time is valuable and time is money. We exclusively use an assigned moving truck for your relocation. This results in the fastest delivery times making for a better moving experience. By speeding up your delivery time, we are able to lower your overall cost and the risk of damaging any items during transport. By not using delivery spreads, we are able to reduce or remove additional spending on short term living expenses. Speeding up transport time will offer you and our employees a better moving experience and possibly lower your out-of-pocket costs.

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Founded in 1981, your local moving company Katy, Marshall Moving and Transport, is a leader in offering quality moving services statewide. We are proud to say we are still family owned and operated over four decades later. Loading and unloading your rental truck should be a simple process that doesn’t break your back. Let us handle the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what matters- making your new space a place you are happy to call “home”. We aim to take the physical stress out of moving by offering packing, loading/unloading, and transport services. If you are seeking a full-service move, we do that too! Whether it is down the road or to the opposite side of the state of Texas, we are here to pack and move your treasured belongings safely and securely, without breaking your budget. Marshall Movers and Transport is a highly trusted name in the relocation and moving companies Katy industry.

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Full Service refers to a move in which the mover provides a crew to load and unload your belongings, as well as the moving truck to transport your household goods. Full service is typically requested by our customers who need Katy movers to facilitate their entire move beginning to end. Packing labor and packing supplies can be booked independently with either Labor Only or Full Service moves. Katy mover crews are dispatched to their assignment with the tools and equipment needed for every move. This may include moving jacks, machine skates or roller dollies, as well as a basic set of hand tools like screwdrivers and ratchets to easily and carefully disassemble your large furniture.

Our full-service movers are provided with tie-down lightweight ropes or twine, blankets, and furniture pads to secure your household goods for safe delivery and transport. A general rule of thumb is to have on hand about twenty four furniture pads per furnished room. Furniture pads discourage knicks or scratches in your hardwood furniture and rips or tears in your sofas, sectionals, and mattresses. We take the time and care needed to ensure the proper transport of your belongings from start to finish. Ask us for details about free moving boxes provided by us!


If you have your own transportation secured for your move, we offer labor only services. Labor only typically includes the loading and unloading of your items, and will exclude packing and transport. What this looks like, generally speaking, is a customer has already rented a moving truck, portable storage container, or storage unit at a local facility. These customers require labor assistance to aid them in the loading and/or unloading process of the truck, storage container, or storage unit at either the beginning or end of their move.

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We have helped thousands of families and businesses move safely and effectively in the Houston metro region. If you are planning to choose a last-minute moving company in Katy TX, we urge you to get in touch with us at once and inquire more about our services. We will not disappoint you – we assure you will find top quality, affordable services in the most convenient way.

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Marshall Movers and Transport is your go-to moving company in Katy for a last-minute, hassle-free move. If you have had little time to plan a move to a new home or apartment and need movers immediately, then call us now for fast and friendly service. Our short-notice services will cater to residential abodes and businesses moving their office space or warehouse. You may find yourself concerned with not knowing where to even begin or how to get moving. We aim to relieve any stress and anxiety about the moving process as you transport your belongings from one space to another. Our teams offer the solutions to all of your last-minute moving problems. You may have heard about our company from neighbors discussing their Katy tx movers.


Moving is one of the toughest experiences a family can encounter. Many people look for help through family, friends, co-workers, or members of their church. These people often find that, due to time constraints and schedule misalignments, they should have opted for a professional moving company in Katy, TX, like Marshall Movers and Transport. A lot of work goes into a move that must be carefully orchestrated with precision and precaution. First, you have to organize your home by room and size of the items being moved. Then comes the packaging of your items. This can include a myriad of cardboard box sizes, bubble wrap, sticky tape, and labels. Labels help with the organization process, too.

The best packers are able to use as little amount of packing supplies as possible by a good use of space. After all your items are packed, then comes the heavy lifting of loading and unloading your belongings onto big moving trucks. Once at your new home, you must then rearrange your furniture and possessions in a feng-shui manner that suits your needs and desires. This whole process can be a daunting task if you intend to do all of this yourself.

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The best choice is to hire an expert moving company in Katy tx that offers experienced and trained teams to handle your entire moving process, start to finish. Organization. Competence. Consideration. Experience. Speed. Attention. Effectiveness. This is what you will find when you call upon us as your Katy mover to make the transfer of your items flawless.


We are committed to make your move simpler, more convenient, and speedier for you. We are local and love our community. We understand your concerns about your possessions and pledge to take care of all of your items during the move and transport. We take complete responsibility for the care of every item during the packaging. We will protect your precious items as they are loaded and unloaded, and transport them in the gentlest way.


Though there are several movers to choose from, Marshall Movers and Transport is the name to reckon for thousands of people in our area. We are a local, family owned and operated moving company in Katy Tx and know the Houston region quite well. We are completely licensed, registered, insured and bonded. We offer honest and quality moving services. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will take great care of the rest. Call us today to reach our live customer support. You can receive a free quote without a reservation.

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