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Don’t face your relocation on your own. Whether you are going around the block or across the state, the team at Marshall Movers and Transport is here to help you throughout the process. At our family-owned moving and storage company in Houston, Texas, we feature a full line of commercial and residential moving services for clients in the area. Since 1981, clients throughout the region have trusted us with their valuables. No matter how many items you have to transport, our professionals ensure they arrive to your final destination in one piece.


Packing up your home and relocating your family can be stressful without help. No matter what the reason for your move is, we are available to take care of your job to the highest standard. Our trained staff of drivers takes the time you need to safely transport your belongings to any location. We take great care of each of your items, whether it is a piano or a coffee cup.


Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. At our company, we are happy to help take some of the load off you. Our team offers a full packing service with each move. You are also welcome to pack for yourself with our free moving boxes. Call for details!

Take the stress out of moving with local katy movers

Did you know moving is the third top stressful life event? Let our katy mover and transport teams ease your tension and your schedule with our moving and transport services. Are you in need of experienced, professional movers to load your belongings and transport them to your new home or business? Whether you are moving cross-country or simply a hop, skip, and a jump down the interstate, you can trust us out of all the moving companies Katy has to unload your items in your new city.

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We will help take the stress out of moving. We focus on creating a streamlined process for the thousands of clients we have moved. To start the process with ease, get a quick, online quote or speak to one of our cheerful, empathetic customer service representatives who understand your moving to-do lists and value your time. Our service team will identify your needs for a local move or a cross-country expedition, and align you with the right loading and transport services for your given situation. Regardless if you are moving five miles down the street, or traversing five thousand miles across state borders, Marshall Moving and Transport has the trucks, truck drivers, movers, packers, and knowledge you need to move your belongings nationwide or locally. Our service options and pricing are easy to understand, and our world-class customer service team will help you navigate the process from beginning to end.

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Marshall Movers and Transport offers free boxes with every move! Call for details. No more trying to find used boxes from a friend or buying boxes just to move one time. Your move will be stress freen


We know how important a piano move is. Your prized instrument is likely of sentimental value and monetary value. It takes a specialty mover like Marshall Movers and Transport to do this right.


Sometimes, you just have too many items and not enough space. If you need help downsizing your goods, we are happy to offer our convenient storage services. Just let us know and we’ll set it up for you.


At our family-owned moving and storage company in Houston, Texas, we feature a full line of long distance moving services. Since 1981, clients throughout the region have trusted us with their valuables. 


For your convenience, we proudly offer maid service in homes and businesses throughout the area. Our experienced team works in spaces of any size to ensure a spotless and flawless result. We focus on taking the stress out of relocating.


Is your company relocating? From desks to files, we transport every part of your company. Our professionals have the experience and resources to ensure that your files will be kept secure throughout every phase of your job.


Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. At our company, we are happy to help take some of the load off you. Our team offers a full packing service with each move. You are also welcome to pack for yourself with our free moving boxes. Call for details.


Relocating your family can be stressful without help. We are available to take care of your move to the highest standard. Our trained staff takes the time to safely transport your belongings to any location. We take great care of each of your items.

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Hourly and flat rates and NO surprise charges; we always let our clients know cost up front.

All loading and unloading is done with precision and skill. Your belongings will be well taken care of.

Highly professional services with an insured company who has over 30 years experience.

Your First Choice When Needing a Quality Company

We understand that the logistics of moving can be stressful; whether you are trying to get to the storage facility before it closes, or have your items unloaded before dinnertime. We aim to keep you on schedule with our arrival windows, and take pride in our on-time rating. Our reputation is for quick and safe moving – no other mover or transport will get you a straight shot from point A to point B like Marshall Movers and Transport. Want to know how it all works? Give us a ring or click below for a quote. We deliver top notch household goods (also seen as HHG) moving and transport answers for your business’ future leaders. We effectively collaborate with HR professionals, transferees, and relocation managers. Whether you will be relocating one, or hundreds, of new or existing employees, we will work heads together with each relocation mission.

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Our unique approach to employee relocation is the perfect solution for any employer. Interstate Moving, Simplified Marshall Movers and Transport’s full service, long distance moving combines experienced moving and packing teams with reliable box trucks and seasoned drivers. Each move is allocated a dedicated moving truck. This allows for a specific time and date for pickup and delivery, meaning you can have total control and peace of mind over your schedule. We take the most direct route. This ensures your invaluable cargo will make it to your new home in the fastest and safest fashion possible.

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We offer you direct contact and communication with your driver and moving team through our tracking technology. You will receive the fastest delivery times in the moving and transport industry. Movers Katy offer straightforward pricing and binding quotes. No need to worry about your quoted rate changing at the last minute due to driver availability or the turn of the season. No need to worry about surprises or gimmicks on move in day: our menu of services and pricing are offered up front in writing. Be weary if other movers, long distance or local, fail to offer a binding quote on their low prices. Don’t get stuck with a company that will arrive on moving day and hit you with surprise fees or additional charges that are more than you budgeted. There are too many disheartening stories of fraudulent movers and transporters with dishonest practices.

Our company prides ourselves on our dedication to honesty and dependability. Place your trust in our practiced movers and transport teams. We perform background screenings on our teammates who have countless years or experience. We treat your belongings as if they were our own with a level of care that is unsurpassed. We train our movers and drivers in the highest standards of loading and packing practices to ensure your items are safe and secure during transit. Your assigned interstate truck driver is trained with a ‘safety first’ mentality and rewarded based on how well your long distance or local move goes.

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Our customer experience is our highest priority. We not only meet, but consistently exceed your expectations by working hard to ensure your satisfaction. Our aim is to be your chosen moving and transport company.

Great Team, Great Moves

Time is of the essence with our moving company katy tx

After years of experience in the industry, we understand that your time is as valuable as the items you are moving. Our moving company Katy teams arrive on your specified load and unload dates within an hourly time window that you choose. We remove the stress of being unaware and in the dark of when you’ll receive your belongings. We use direct interstate routes that allow us to do away with long delivery time windows that you’ll find with other long distance moving companies to be anywhere between seven to fourteen days!

With us, you’re in control. You choose the exact dates well in advance of your move, and we strictly adhere to them. Our company offers nationwide service. We serve almost all cities and towns in the continental United States. We are able to start and finish a move anywhere life takes you with our tried and true logistics system. Downtown Chicago? OK! Rural Idaho? No problem! Malibu Beach or Texas’ oil patches, we’ve got your move covered! If you are moving to your neighboring state, or coast to coast, we can do that! There’s not many moving companies that can say that with confidence, so you’ve found the right Katy moving company.

When relocating your office, you need a commercial mover katy tx

Trust goes a long way in the world of business. Your company can trust our local Katy TX movers to relocate your warehouse space or offices. Relocating a business should not have to be expensive or time-consuming for company executives. Your company will not lose it’s edge against competitors due to a prolonged office relocation. Customer satisfaction is our main goal for every move, whether it is a small office setting or a large warehouse. We’ve got what it takes to move your office or warehouse quickly and efficiently, while giving you peace of mind that your company will be up and running in little to no time. Choose the movers you can trust to get your company to its new location without disruption.

We’re your commercial relocation expert. We understand that when relocating your company, there is a lot to plan logistically as far as moving all of the products, equipment, and furnishings of your office. Having a completely organized moving process is the best strategy to relocate your business. We will construct a plan for your office. Moving your office as soon as possible is critical because we know that time is money! We will get you in touch immediately with a commercial relocation specialist who knows the ins and outs of relocating a business . Your specialist will work together with your business managers to create a one of a kind moving and transport plan for your office or warehouse.

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our customer service is second to none compared to other katy moving companies

Our highly qualified long distance move specialists are available Monday through Friday by phone, email, Facebook, and in the office. If you need us, we are only a call or click away. Our friendly staff provides the best customer experience and guides you through the moving process from the initial inquiry until you are completely moved into your new place. We are happy to answer any questions you have through every step of the way. We are experienced in handling your specialty items too, like washers, dryers and pianos. Our pick-up and delivery times are guaranteed because we take pride in being on time. Contact us today. We ensure top-notch standards and a premium personal touch before, during, and after your move. Choose Marshall Movers and Transport for your relocation.

Great Team, Great Moves

how do commercial movers katy tx get it done?

Our team at Marshall Movers and Transport are qualified professionals, and conscientious to the needs of your business. If you have specific moving requests for your office or warehouse relocation, please do not hesitate to ask our personnel. We will accommodate your needs to our highest ability, and meet your standards through impeccable service paired with a personal touch. Your satisfaction is our personal business. Our equipment, including dollies, hand trucks, walk-boards, and furniture blankets, is state of the art, which makes your move a success every time.

For your convenience, we are also suppliers of packing materials like boxes, tape, crates and bubble wrap. You will have peace of mind knowing that your items are moved safely and securely. Upon arrival at the new location, we reconstruct your office equipment, product, and furnishings to your liking. Only your highest approval is accepted. Inventory is easily accessible and accounted for at its new home by use of the detailed list that was previously constructed with our commercial relocation specialists. All contents will be itemized and logged on an inventory data sheet. We will discuss all details with you and set up floor plans for your new office.

Your office move plan, from start to finish, will have a keen eye for detail when you use Katy Movers. After formulating a strategy and providing you with a relocation quote, our team of moving experts will be prepared to take your business to its new location with little downtime.

we are your employee relocation movers in katy tx

We coordinate with your human resources professionals and decision makers to assist in relocating your valuable employees. You hear it over and over again in business: “time is money.” Our residential move specialists work with you and the employee to personalize relocations while providing a cost-effective and satisfying moving experience. Our flexible Katy movers offer convenient online direct billing, split invoicing between your company and your relocated employee, or we can also receive payment directly from the employee. Reach out to us today and we will show you how Marshall Movers and Transport can benefit your business when relocating employees. Our moving labor service is a cost-friendly option for those who wish to be in control of their move. You can use our movers to load and/or unload your rental truck, storage unit, or container commonly referred to as a “pod”. Katy movers can also provide packing services and supplies, like hand trucks, dollies, bubble wrap, and boxes. Ask about how to receive free moving boxes! Call for details!


Texas is the second to largest state in the United States, and one of the most populated with 29 million residents and growing. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, ordered by Louisiana and New Mexico, it’s easy to see why many families and businesses, including Amazon and Tesla, are looking to relocate down south to Texas in the near future. If you are considering relocating to or within Texas for a job opportunity, to purchase a home or land, to change neighborhoods or live closer to family, choose Marshall Movers to make your relocation experience easy and stress-free!


Relocation is typically the number one reason why people decide to move, yet there are numerous reasons why a family or business may end up moving their belongings out of state or to the next county over. There are different categories of relocation. The one we most often see is relocated for employment. You might be relocating to Texas to be closer to work, to start a new business, or after changing employers in Texas’ top employment sectors like oil and gas, healthcare, and hospitality. The housing market is another top reason to move with affordable experts. Are you wanting to downsize your home or move to a different neighborhood? Are you gaining or losing family members in the home due to expecting a child, marriage or empty nest? If you are preparing to purchase your first home, or looking to relocate within the state of Texas to find affordable housing options, trust us to pack and transport your items with care, attention, and promptness.

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